Demand of Golden Fiber in Domestic and International Market

India’s jute industry is among the oldest industry and considered second most important after cotton. It plays a significant role in the economy of our country and is considered an integral part of the Indian Textile Industry. Dating back to the East India days, raw jute had significant role in international market and was mainly used in making ropes, cordages, handmade gunny bags, gunny cloth etc.

Jute industry in India provides employment to 0.37million workers in organized mills and supports livelihood of about 4.0 million farm families.

The Government Of India has included the jute industry in its National Common Minimum Programme to give it special attention.

Key Drivers for India Jute bag

In recent past, there has been a surge in demand for Indian jute bags and jute products. The key factors which are driving the demand for jute bags are government schemes and policies to promote the use of jute products. The introduction of Jute Packaging Materials Act which made it imperative to package all food grains in jute bags gave a major push to the jute bag market. While addressing the Annual General Meeting of the Indian Chamber Of Commerce, the Prime Minister stressed on replacing single use plastic with jute bags. This is expected to create demand for jute bag market through FY2026. Increasing demand for jute bag in European Union is adding to the market growth. In view of creating demand for jute products in global market, India has launched an e-market place. Government’s initiative to support and organize events and international trade fairs to promote jute and its products are going a long way in expanding the export market for jute. All the above efforts together are driving the market for jute bag and jute as a fibre itself.

Growing demand in global market

India is witnessing a growing interest in jute apparels, accessories and ornaments among customers and designers. The United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Egypt and Turkey are among the leading countries to import Indian jute and finished products made out of it. Jute being an exclusive and environment friendly fibre, has made several appearances on fashion ramps, in both regular and luxury apparel, accessory and ornament designs. With a ban on use of plastic bags in many parts of the world, Indian jute bag manufacturers are seeing increasing demands of their products abroad.

The market for jute is expanding mostly because of the global fashion industry’s effort to transform the way the fibre is being used. More designers are using jute to create style icons in bags, belts, hats, home handicrafts, ornaments. European fashion industry leading the way in fashion is using jute actively to design unique apparel and accessories.

Virtual Buyer Seller Meet 2020

Exhibitions and trade fairs are great platforms to exhibit products to domestic and international buyers, penetrate new market, promote brands. Indian Chamber Of Commerce, a leading chamber for trade and commerce in the country is hosting a one of a kind- Virtual Buyer Seller Meet, supported by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government Of India from 14th to 16thDecember, 2020, where exhibitors from different parts of the country will exhibit products ranging from jute accessories, textiles, home décor, handicrafts etc to buyers across the globe with a single click from the comfort of their homes and offices.

These kinds of trade fairs and exhibitions help to increase export market of India and develop healthy trade relations with other countries.

Grab this great opportunity to connect and interact with global buyers from around the world. So, hurry and register now.

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