ICC creating a whole new set of opportunities for Indian Traders

The acute impact of the outbreak is distinct for different markets, as the COVID-19 pandemic tends to control the prospects of industries. While a couple of sectors are going to report a fall in volume, many more would remain unscathed and display encouraging potential for growth. Specifically, these sectors include technology, e-commerce, banking, financial and insurance services (BFSI), etc. There was an explosion in the imposed lockdown measures involving remote jobs, using cell phones, automatic transactions, e-commerce and other digital payments innovations.

With the times, the ICCs have always been able to develop, foresee the needs of the future and introduce pro-active measures to foster Indian business and industry. The heartbeat of the world in which it exists has still been alive. The ICC has responded to changes in the international order by the enlightened leadership of the Chambers, its powerful and progressive membership of major organizations and its professional secretariat, and is confident about facing the demands of the 21st century. It ensures that the central and state government departments cooperate as an industry body to come up with tips and tools to help people work and learn online while staying safe and protected. It believes in developing a database that offers useful knowledge on exports and imports, identifying emerging resources, goods and services, and providing feedback on trade inquiries. Corporate partnerships with counterpart chambers across the globe for investment and trade growth. Cooperation works with chambers in the USA, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Israel, Australia, and others.

The 'Virtual Buyer Seller Meet' by the Indian Chamber of Commerce between 14th and 16th December aims to revitalize existing market relations and build new business links. Types of goods such as textiles, garments, apparel, textile equipment, jute accessories, khadi and others are illuminated at the online festival. Pre-scheduled business-to-business meetings, scheduled over the course of the festival, will take place, with buyers from India and abroad participating online. This forum offers an incentive to reach out into new markets with new partners: marketing business and products through diverse media such as Indian overseas missions, Chambers of Commerce, buying agents, internet, twitter, e-mail, etc.

The online incarnation of the trade fair will offer a "ideal forum" for the Indian textile and fashion industry to meet international buyers. Visual booths will be run by exhibitors and photographs and videos will display their products. Businesses will share e-brochures, business cards, and documents digitally and display their products through audio and video calls to clients and wholesalers. Visit https:/ to gain more detailed insight into the matter.

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