ICC setup the virtual platform to connect consumers and distributors

In order to re-start market operations worldwide, ICC is leveraging its B2B trade fair expertise to host the Virtual Buyer Seller Meet 2020, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, scheduled for 14-16 December 2020.

The pandemic changed the way things are done! In a safer mode, society is rapidly finding new ways to resolve the obstacles and restart life. The order of the day will be a simulated exhibit and B2Bs. People are basically connected more than ever before. It is necessary to remain viable for the textile industry and to embrace the Modern Real Way of doing business.

Why Get Involved?

  • The current epidemic has altered the equation of the rules of conducting business defined. Important hopes for commercial ties and the current supply chain have been valid barriers against travel and social gathering. So a New Real Way has been produced to keep the show running.

  • Enter the global audience with a single click: communicate with global customers, brands and major retailers and engage with them. Opportunity to use only one click to communicate with fellow business partners around the world.

  • Venture out with new partners to new areas: promotion of the business and goods across different media such as Indian overseas missions, Chambers of Commerce, purchasing agents, internet, twitter, e-mail, etc.

  • A opportunity to use a safe, stable and user-friendly network to get the company on track and reclaim exposure with the targeted audience.

  • Opportunity to communicate with fellow corporate colleagues, investors and clients from all around the world online.

Why could Exhibitors exhibit?

  • Scale: No Number of Attendees restricted in the cloud with nearly infinite scale and connectivity and live activities with no parallel attendee restrictions.

  • Safe & Secure: Virtual Exhibition is a perfect business networking forum in the COVIDI 9 scenario in which security is a top priority. Password Secured Participant Entry. End to End Data Protection Encryption and Data Encryption. Access to tourists only by registration and acceptance by organizers.

  • Accessibility of users: Enter and communicate with exhibitors /delegates /buyers /attendees on any unit, at your convenience, on any forum. Full cross-browser browsing experience: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

  • Affordability: Interactive connectivity would minimize attendees' travel expenses. For Regular virtual exhibition booths, nominal leasing fees. No printing / production / processing charges for exhibitors.

Why should visitors visit?

As you know, Covid-19 is one of the largest tragedies that humanity has ever experienced in modern years, causing disruption to human life across the world. With no vaccination or cure presently in operation, the only way to deter the transmission of the extremely infectious infection has been containment & social distancing. More challenge for corporations has been introduced due to the postponement of nearly all market marketing programs such as trade promotion events and networking activities. Now that some relaxation has been extended by the government to restart economic operations, most industries face almost identical kinds of problems, such as a reliable and cost-effective supply chain, labour, and a marketing and promotion forum to showcase goods and services, including export orders, to produce new businesses.

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