Indian Industries' are hoping for a post-pandemic revival via ICC's Virtual Platform

Since the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the prospect of industries, the acute effect of the epidemic is different for different sectors. While a few industries are going to document a decline in production, several more will continue to stay unscathed and demonstrate promising prospects for progress. In specific, these industries include technology, e-commerce, finance, financial services and insurance (BFSI), etc. Like many states, there was an explosion in the enforced lockdown steps that involved remote work, usage of the Internet, mobile phones, automated transfers, e-commerce and other digital payments technologies for the performance of certain critical practices.

The ICC have always been capable of evolving with the times, predicting the needs of the future and introducing pro-active steps to encourage Indian business and industry. The heartbeat of the world it works in has always been alive. The ICC has responded to changes in the world order by the Chambers' enlightened leadership, its strong and progressive membership of significant companies and its competent secretariat, and is going forward with optimism to face the demands of the 21st century. It guarantees to collaborate as an industry entity with the central and state government departments to come up with tips and tools to help individuals work and train online while remaining healthy and secure. It believes in maintenance of a database that provides valuable export and import information, recognition of new resources, goods and services, input on trade inquiries. Makes corporate relations for investment and trade development with counterpart chambers across the globe. Cooperation deals with leading chambers in, among others, the USA, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Israel, Australia.

The ‘Virtual Buyer Seller Meet’ between 14th – 16th December by the Indian Chamber of Commerce aims to revitalize current market ties and to forge new business connections. The online festival will highlight types of items like, textiles, clothes, apparels, textile machinery, jute accessories, khadi and others. Pre-scheduled business-to-business meetings will take place, which are scheduled during the course of the event, with online attendance by buyers from India and abroad. This platform gives an opportunity to venture out with new partners to new areas: promotion of the business and goods across different media such as Indian overseas missions, Chambers of Commerce, purchasing agents, internet, twitter, e-mail, etc.

The online incarnation of the trade show would provide the Indian garment and apparel industry with a "ideal forum" to reach foreign buyers. Digital booths will be run by exhibitors and their goods will be shown by images and videos. Businesses will digitally exchange e-brochures, business cards, and documentation and present their goods with customers and wholesalers via audio and video calls. To get more detailed insight into the matter, visit .

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