Virtual Events are creating new opportunities for the businesses

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Owing to the global pandemic, companies have been compelled to bring a halt in the in-person events or move them online. Majority of companies and businesses use virtual platform for mostly two reasons:

  1. The budget for such events are low.

  2. These events can be accessed by all.

Even though businesses are facing new challenges, it is giving them an opportunity to learn about virtual events which is the new future. In the past months, virtual events have experienced an unparalleled boom. These virtual events are much easier to organize even though they are as impactful as the physical ones. It may seem that video conferences cannot keep viewer’s attention but reports show that 86% of the participants are more interactive and conscious as in in-person conferences.

Virtual Event Checklist:

  • Analyzing the goals of the event. It involves more steps to perform, including having an event page, targeted PPC campaigns, and emails. It might be useful to have a look at the past events at its beneficial perspectives and try to replicate it virtually.

  • Promotion of the Virtual Events is extremely crucial to a successful virtual event. Developing a targeted promotional plan along with existing marketing networks might do the wonders.

  • Infrastructural efficiency is important to build a proper platform which runs smoothly. Access to infrastructure and data management tools will help execute and deliver results seamlessly.

  • Providing a properly designed digital content and experiences which bring a higher amount of engagement between the event and the attendee.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce is adept in hosting delegations of international corporations and individual members of foreign company organizations, business consultations. Sponsoring participation in international exhibitions and trade fairs,

facilitating the export process through the provision of a non-preferential Certificate of Origin. It has launched a Trade Facilitation Desk to facilitate trade & business between India and the rest of the world. It will be hosting virtual events and exhibitions and ensure that the attendees are engaged throughout the event.

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