TexStyling in Indian Way

With all the the rich and diverse heritage India has in forms of textile, art & crafts, it is quite savvy to use the heritage in various aspects of the modern decor. Now what are the innovative ways of using those parfait crafts?

If you've got it, flaunt it. Carve a niche for your designer mind by using Indian crafts in some interesting and brilliant ways. Having a knack for reviving old textiles will surely help. Now one can imagine how enchanting it will be to showcase the splendidness of Indian Textile. Smart reconditioning of textiles in your own unique way is an absolute feast for eyes. Your house could tell all the fashionable stories of the evergreen Indian Culture and Heritage. Rightly so!

Some of the smart and creative ways of upcycling old textiles are must not be missed :

1. Give your lamp colourful wings

Who would’ve thought that, right? Well, why not try? Arrange a traditional dupatta with some excellent karigari and compliment it with a hand embroidered Shawl. The traditional craft will be the cherry on the top that can get people mesmerized.

2. The curious case of the cushion makeover

We all have that place in the house where a bunch of cushions are lying on every couch and bench. Been there, done that. Now let’s try an interesting way. Open your closet and bring out that old top/blouse/kurta with some fine conventional designs. Give your cushions a new look as per your vibe with those not in use but beautiful old pieces. And Voila!

3. The table top saga

Let’s make some not so common decor with some common materials. Don’t ignore the charm of that crochet stole or that Banrasi scarf lying around in the back of your wardrobe. Enhance the look of your glass table and play with the patterns according to your mood. Make a point.

4. Tell a tale with your Heirlooms

That exquisite handkerchief with soothing traditional art and craft that your mother-in-law pass it on to you. Or your mother’s Pashmina shawl that you adore. Let it beautify your walls in a carefully crafted display. Enjoy the compliments of your guests with a bright smile!!

5. Vibrantly cosy shows; curtain, blankets and throws

Give your lots of old bits the right direction. Reimagine the aged Khadi, Tussar dupattas as some vibrant curtains to breeze the way out. Feel stylishly cosy with the old Banrasi weaves when you turn it into a rasai. Add some luxurious look and touch with the couch in the TV area when you make a throw out of your Phulkari or Jamawar saree! See. Told ya! If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

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