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Ananya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Ananya Cable Tech Pvt. Ltd are two verticals of Ananya, Bangalore.

Ananya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 2002 as a solution provider to the defence sector in India. Initially the plan was to provide indigenous design and manufacture of Test Sets. In the process, over the years we have moved up the value chain to build Air Borne products. Ananya has built up capabilities and core technology in the computation of Aerodynamic parameters like geo potential altitude, Mach Number, True velocity, dynamic pressure, calibrated air speed, impact pressure, total pressure, True air speed etc.

It has successfully built and inducted into the Aerospace industry, precision test equipment for digitally leak checking various components and systems of the Fuel system. Ananya has also developed and tested the digital Pitot Static Test Unit, which is used in the testing and calibration of the Pitot and static systems on the aircraft.

Ananya has also built up the required infrastructure required in calibrating and testing of various barometric sensors and systems. It has also the expertise in selection of pressure transducers and putting together systems, which simulate, calculate and display various air data functions.
Make in India is an ambitious campaign launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25th of September in 2014 in New Delhi. The purpose of launching this campaign is to make India a destination of global manufacturing hub.

Defence and self-reliance in Defence manufacturing is one of the strategic sectors. The 'Make in India' policy for the defence sector aims to reverse the current imbalance between the import of defence equipment and indigenous manufacture of defence equipment’s without adversely affecting the requirements, capability and preparedness of the user.

Ananya is proud to be part of Make in India. Ananya has successfully manufactured Line Replaceable Units for the defence industry and has been recognised by the industry for its contribution.




    Ananya makes defence flights safer with a range of its flight critical components.

    •    ALine-Replaceable unit (LRU) is a modular component of an airplane, ship or spacecraft. An LRU is usually a sealed unit such as a radio or other auxiliary equipment - 

    1.    Air Data Package (ADP) for Jaguar Platform.
    2.    Standby altitude sensor unit (ALTSU) for Jaguar Platform.
    3.    Air Data & Altitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) for Jaguar Platform.
    4.    Air Data Unit (ADU) for Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH).
    5.    Antiskid Control Unit (ACU) for Jaguar Platform.

    •    Ground Support Equipment -

    1.    Fuel Tank Leak Tester (FTLT)
    2.    Air Speed Indicator
    3.    Pitot Static Test Set (PSTS)
    4.    Oxygen Booster
    5.    Nitrogen Booster
    6.    Oxygen Trolley
    7.    Nitrogen Trolley
    8.    Inflation Apparatus
    9.    Vacuum Gauge

    •    MIL 1553 Data Bus coupler -

    1.    Single Stub
    2.    Dual Stub
    3.    Three Stub
    4.    Four Stub
    5.    Six Stub
    6.    Eight Stub

    •    Fibre Optic products - Rotating Optical Connector (Roc).