COMPANY NAME - Ava Creation
CONTACT NUMBER - (+91) 82404008222 / 9007787207




  • Ava Creation is a theme based online jewellery boutique specialising in the Afghan Jewellery segment.
  • Ava creation deals in artificial, costumed and hand crafted  brass and copper jewellery.
  • We have huge collection of traditional Indian jewellery.
  • Exclusive collection of Banjara jewellery.
  • Recently Ava creation has come up with an unique concept of transforming the currency used during the British Raaj (annas) into jewellery.

AVA Creations

    • One of our first products is a statement jewellery piece from Afghanistan. Afghan people has stated that these statement pieces are more than 100 years old. So it’s an antique piece. And the KARA (Bracelet) is an Indian old Banjara Jewellery. Its more than 40-50 years old jewellery.
    • Second product is Tribal face in Dokra. It’s a handmade neck-piece.
    • An exquisite Turkish choker. This jewellery is 30-40years old.
    • The last one is a jewellery with real “anna”(paisa). This currency used during the British Raaj. Now we have turned it into a beautiful piece of nose pin.