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Mr. N N Narendra, Director of Finance.

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Dr. K.G.Jagadeesha, IAS
CEO & Secretary

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The Coffee Board, as the nodal agency for the coffee sector in india, is the friend, philosopher and guide to the coffee sector and carries out research, extension & development, quality control, market development and promotion of coffee.  It is a statutory organization under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India.​​​​​​​

Coffee Board, Ministry of Commerce & Industry


    • Coffee is one of the important plantation crops in India with over 75% of the annual production being exported, earning about Rs. 6,000 crores foreign exchange annually to the country. 
    • India is the seventh largest producer of coffee in the world with a share of 3% of global production and fifth largest exporter with a share of about 5% of global exports. 
    • Indian Coffee is unique in many ways; the plantations exist cohesively among the flora and fauna of the western and eastern ghats and are traditionally known to adopt the most environmentally friendly practices and therefore sustainably grown. M
    • Most of Indian Coffee is shade grown, hand-picked and sun-dried and is favoured for producing mildly acidic Arabicas and pleasant Robustas.
    • Nearly 85% of Indian coffee exports are Robusta coffee. Indian Robusta’s are perceived to be the best in the world because of its mild in nature as it is grown under shade commanding highest premiums ranging from 15% to 30% over the International market prices.
    •  Indian Arabica coffee grouped under ‘Other Milds’ category is also fetching attractive premiums in the International market.
    • A noteworthy feature is that Indian coffee exports is de-commoditization of Indian coffee exports.
    • The share of value added coffee towards total exports have increased from about 4% to 30% during the past two decades.
    • India has moved from bulk exports to value-added coffee exports. India is one of the major hub for manufacturing and exporting of Instant coffee in the World.