(Firefighting Equipment Dealers and Work Contracts)
Office Address:
Ghatak Road,KANCHRAPARA,PIN 743145.

PH NO: 7059053700,8981933809


We excel in providing a State of the Art FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS to our clients through innovative and latest fire fighting devices and make them self sufficient to tackle Fire Hazards in domestic households, commercial complexes, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, educational institutions, factories and industries.

The company is engaged in expanding its services under the able management of Mr. Saugata Banerjee , Diploma in Instrumentation Technology, Diploma in Fire and Safety who possess more than 6 years experience in the field of ‘Fire Safety’ ,have overall more than 9 years experience in Management Skill.


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    Extinguishers & Refills

    • Dry Chemical Powder
    • Water CO2
    • ABC Stored Pressure Type
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Mechanical foam
    • Automatic Modular
    • Automatic Modular DRY CHEMICAL
    • POWDER Type

    Industrial Safety

    House Apparatus, S.C.B.A., Fire Proximity Suits, Safety Eye Wash Fountain, Electronic Hooter, Panel, Manual.

    Safety Belt :
    Nylon Webbing Belt, Lineman’s Pole Belt, Cotton Webbing Belt,
    Leather Man Hoisting Safety Belt, Window Cleaning Belt, Leather Pliers Pocket Belt, Jhoola Belt, Rope Ladder, Safety Hooks.

    Protection Suit :
    PVC Welded Suit, Fire Blankets, Apron, Hand Sleeves, Leg guards & Arm guards, Cotton Boiler Suit, Fire Retardant Suit, Asbestos Combination Suit, Aluminized Suit.

    Ear Protection :
    Foam ear plug with cord, Ear muff.

    Industrial Safety Helmet :
    Crash Helmet, Fibre glass Helmet, H.D.E.P. Helmet, Helmet with Face Shield, Helmet for Construction Industries.

    Respiratory Protection :
    Full Vision Gas Mask, Cannister, Plus Pressure Suit or Fresh Air Line Respirator, Chemical Cartridge Respirator, PVC Dust Mask, Dust Guard Respirator, Dust X Mist Respirator, Cloth Musk.

    Industrial Safety Goggles :
    Leather Mask Goggles, Bocal Goggles, Eye Shield, Panorama Goggles, Spectacle type Safety Goggles.

    Industrial Safety Hand Gloves :
    Rubber Hand Gloves, Electric Shock Proof rubber Gloves, Acid & Alkali proof Rubber Hand Gloves, Asbestos Hand Gloves, Canvas Hand Gloves, Leather Hand Gloves, Hosiery Hand Gloves, Nitrile Hand Gloves, Neoprene Hand Gloves, Plastic Polythene (disposable) Hand Gloves.