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CONTACT PERSON   : Vlad Nepochatov
CONTACT NUMBER   : +372 5340 2633
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DefSecIntel provides integrated autonomous situation awareness turn-key system SMARTSHIELD, including fully automated surveillance platform and remote autonomous monitoring stations. DefSecIntel systems are equipped with smart AI algorithms and powered by autonomous energy sources. Systems are designed for different landscape, terrain and weather conditions. We automate the surveillance for freedom defenders! We are integrating drones, cameras, AI into one autonomous system for security of nations and their borders. During last 10 years our team has provided state of the art security and surveillance solutions for customers in more than 25 countries worldwide.
Provider of AI-based border and coastal security systems, its product portfolio includes AI-based software for threat detection, a mobile autonomous surveillance platform, and unmanned aerial surveillance and inspection systems. These are hardware agnostic and can be used in various landscapes, terrains, and weather conditions. It provides solutions for land and coastal border security, law enforcement, force protection, and environmental monitoring applications.




    We incorporate advanced system components, to provide our customers with unique capabilities.


    We provide C2 software Surveilaiz, which is camera agnostic and powered with AI algorithms and threat detection capabilities. C2 software platform, where operator is "on the loop". 


    Mobile autonomous surveillance platform, with a built-in AI detection software and autonomous energy source, to conduct fully automated operations in different weather conditions.
    Light weight high surveillance platform, which doesn't require field operators.
    Integrated unmanned aerial inspection system built-in.

    UAV -

    Unmanned aerial surveillance and inspections.
    Fixed-wing airplane surveillance 2-8 hours of flight time with VTOL capabilities.
    Inspections or recon flights with ultra-fast mini drones.