Flashbloom LLP

Mr. Abhishek Pal (Seller)

Co-Founder and Product Manager

Mobile: 9101294783



Flashbloom LLP is a manufacturer of affordable and quality FMCG household products based out of North-east which contributes in promoting health and hygiene among people. The company produces a wide range of commercial goods like dish wash gel, tiles cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, perfumed floor cleaner, herbal phenyls, etc. The Perfumed Floor Cleaner is also infused with mosquito repellent properties that make it effective for use in malaria and dengue prone areas. Situated at Silchar of Cachar district, the company aspires to be a paradigm in promoting trade with the South-Asian countries.


Apart from that, the company and the team has an expertise to conquer a wide range of sections such as personal care products, edible food guard, 100% biodegradable plastic carry bags, paints and lot more.

Flashbloom LLP