COMPANY NAME  : MQS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
CONTACT PERSON: Pragathi Tumati
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MQS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., formerly MedeQuip Services, was founded in 1994 by Dr. K Srinivasa Rao, an alumnus of IIT Madras, with an M.Tech degree in Instrumentation and a Ph.D. in Tomography studies. MQS was founded to offer repair and maintenance services to the healthcare sector to increase the useful life of diagnostic equipment. This activity gradually expanded to different territories and equipment, which led to tie-ups with major healthcare OEMs, thereby establishing us as a critical service partner. Over the next few years, MQS diversified to the Aerospace and Defense sector and offered equipment servicing for soon-to-be-obsolete imported test equipment. The expertise gained from servicing and maintaining complex equipment paved the way for MQS’s future. It led to the introduction of custom-built ATE’s for critical defence applications, tailor-made solutions for industrial X-ray imaging, and the development of specialised products for industrial applications for select OEMs. The underlying design behind these products has been developing an unparalleled understanding of the clients’ needs and offering a solution-focused on a low total cost of ownership and ease of usage. Presently, MQS operates in 6+ cities with over 150 employees. Our key activities include providing solutions for all types of industrial X-ray applications, partnering with industries for providing customized innovative and advanced OEM solutions in the field of instrumentation, and a trusted technical partner for over two decades for the world’s most respected Healthcare companies for their after-sales service support. As an NSIC registered organization with ISO 9001:2008 certification, MQS plays a vital role in the nations’ quest for indigenization. Today, it is a leading supplier and service provider for the defence, engineering, and the healthcare sectors.

MQS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


    With our decades of experience in manufacturing NDT products under the belt, we have also accumulated a strong hold in custom electronics manufacture. We are able to deliver complex designs of electronics, instrumentation and testing equipment under record time, especially for the aerospace industry. For Defence and Aerospace applications, rapid development can draw the line between mission success and failure, so you can count on our speed and flexibility. Critical electro-mechanical assemblies are another specialty of ours, so explore our range of Aerospace and Defence products.

    •    Automated Test Equipment -
    Class leading and fully customizable ATE from MQS

    •    Precision Sub-Assemblies -
    Let MQS tackle the minute details and precision standards for your subcomponents

    •    Industrial Electronics -
    Let MQS design and manufacture your PCB for control assemblies and custom needs.