COMPANY NAME - National Jute Board
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National Jute Board (NJB), a statutory body under Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, is established under National Jute Board Act 2008.  The enactment aims at development of Cultivation, Manufacturing  and  Marketing of Jute and Jute Products and for matters  connected therewith.

The Head Office of National Jute Board is at Kolkata  and  its  3  Branch Offices,  at  Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad.  


Board engages in research and human resource development programmes to explore new  and  innovative  use  of  jute  with the idea of enabling both the organized as well as the decentralized sector to compete and increase the global share of Indian jute goods consumption.
To augment its position of strength the Board envisages to implement programmes that facilitate growth  of the Jute  Sector.

Dissemination of newer technologies, machinery assistance, human resource development through training and design inputs extending scholastic incentives and addressing  certain health  related issues are some of  the major  areas apart from showcasing Indian Jute in the global arena.


NJB'S Vision and Mission :

  • Making India the leader of jute industries in the world.
  • Achieving excellence that will enable the Indian Jute Industry to produce good quality jute goods at economical prices to meet the growing needs of the people, to enable producers of jute products to get access to domestic and international market at competitive price.
  • Framing & implementing policies and programmes that promote & facilitate the growth of Jute Sector, both organised and informal, enabling them to face global competition from a position of strength and increase share of the global jute goods export.
  • Undertaking various research and development programmes to explore the new and innovative use of jute.


National Jute Board

  • Traditional Jute Products :

    HESSIAN (or BURLAP) :Hessian (or Burlap) is a plain woven fabric weighing 41/2   oz to 18 oz a yard (139.5 gm to 434.0 gm per meter) with a normal basic width of 40" (101.6 cm).

    A wide range of hessian bags is manufactured to meet various packaging needs.

    SACKING: Sacking is heavy, loosely-woven cloth, manufactured from Coarser yarn either plain or Twills, weighing from 12 oz to 24 oz a yard (372 gms to 744.1 gms a meter) of different width.

    Sacking bags are used as containers for packaging of various of commodities.

    FOOD GRADE JUTE CLOTH/BAGs (using RBO II Technology and satisfying IJO98/01 Standard): Used for food packaging, this eco-friendly jute product keeps foods fresh by keeping them at normal temperature.

    YARN : Made by interlocking Jute fibre, Yarn is mostly used in carpet industry which provides the carpet manufacturers to produce good quality of carpets at lower cost.

    CARPET BACKING CLOTH:Carpet Backing Cloth is a special quality Broad-loom woven hessian weighing from 5.5 oz to 13.25 oz per yard (170.5 gms to 410.8 gms per meter) with the width range varying from 29" to 111" (73.8 cm to 281.9 cm) for Narrow Carpet Backing and 112" to 200" ( 284.5 cm to 508 cm) and above for wide Carpet Backing.

    Diversified Jute Products :

    BLANKET: This hand woven soft texture jute product with sustainable properties adds colour in home decoration.

    DECORATIVE FABRICS : These fabrics are used in making cushion covers, curtains, bed sheets and many more for home furnishing.

    FLOOR COVERINGS : Made by jute fabrics, this product is mostly used in bedrooms and snugs because of its soft texture which is a pleasant feeling for the foot.

    HAND & SHOPPING BAGS : These jute bags are not only fashionable and handy but also have the capacity of bearing loads.

    HANDICRAFTS AND OTHER GIFT NOVELTY ITEMS : Used in home furnishing and giving presents, these products are famous for their eco-friendly nature available at affordable price.

    Jute Geo Textiles :

    Jute Geotextile - The fabric of tomorrow's world
    Jute is a rain dependent crop which has been traditionally used for packaging. However, with the passage of time it has shown its sheer versatility with a range of unique physical attributes that have opened up new avenues for diversification. Jute Geotextile (JGT) is one of the most important diversified jute product. It can be applied in many fields like civil engineering, soil erosion control, road pavement construction and protection of river banks.
    JGT are very similar in function to the man-made synthetic Geotextiles (Geosynthetics) - which are made from various petro-chemical derivatives. Various studies both in India and abroad have proved JGT`s efficiency.
    The biodegradability of JGT helps in the quick regrowth of displaced vegetation by coalescing with the soil, increasing its permeability, retaining the appropriate humidity as "mulch" and creating a micro-climate that is conducive to vegetative growth. Around the world, JGT has been lauded as the most acclaimed natural fabric that provides biotechnical solutions to soil made vulnerable by exposure.
    Biodegradability is considered by some experts to be a disadvantage. But, it still has a very good future as it has an effective life span of two season-cycles which is sufficient for natural consolidation of the soil by forming a consolidated layer known as "filter cake". This has been verified by extensive field trials. Biodegradability of JGT is, therefore, not a discouraging factor.It is widely used in road construction.
    Geotextiles belongs to a class of technical textiles that addresses various soil related problems in civil engineering. These are either made of synthetic polymers (petrochemical derivatives) or of natural fibers. Advantages of Jute Geotextiles:
    High moisture absorbing capacityFlexibilityGood drainage propertiesAbundant in natureLow in cost when compared to synthetic GeotextilesThe most important i.e. it is bio-degradable
    We can sum up at the end that in today`s world where natural resources are on the brink of exhaustion it is imperative for us to use and find their alternatives. Jute Geotextiles is certainly one of those which will help us in various other ways.
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