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With the emergence of smart cities, the need for smart solutions has become an unsaid necessity. These solutions are in line with growth in all sectors and with this, there has been a drastic increase of demands in the ever-growing economy. It is with this aim that QUICK GHY PRIVATE LIMITED has established its base in Guwahati with the motive to cater to the demands of the city as a digital medium. The company’s partnership with the ASSAM SKILL DEVELOPMENT MISSION (ASDM) under the Government of Assam allows the interested job seekers to enrol themselves in certified courses across multiple sectors. These certified courses and training programmes later include the interested into the company as service partners. QUICKGHY promotes the business idea of user-service partner relation by allowing the interested users to list their services online and thereby, help gather potential clients. In addition to the business profile, the company seeks to excel in and is constantly working towards its establishment as a multipurpose platform for various services. At present, QUICKGHY is actively functioning as a reliable and excellent platform in the industrial, retail, F&B, beauty care and hotel management sectors. The company also delivers excellent service in the homecare and personal care area to the customers who wish to avail services in the comfort of their homes. The essence of a company is held through teamwork and QUICKGHY comprises of a highly motivated and dedicated team which constantly thrives to offer the best customer experience to the service users. The team works efficiently 24x7 and is available on the customer care helpline for consultation. Hospitality is a code which the company values and in order to meet with the personal needs and demands of the customers, QUICKGHY offers the option of customization. The customers can avail any service from the company and in accordance to their need, they can customize their options by consulting with the helpline team. Company values and ethics are held in the utmost regard by QUICKGHY and there are regular training periods for the service partners in a loop system which adds to the value proposition of the company. Along with these protocols, the company strictly keeps the health and safety guidelines in check, thereby making the service partners well equipped and well trained to abide by the standard safety protocols. QUICKGHY therefore, leads with the assurance of quality customer experience while strictly maintaining a safe and customer friendly environment. QUICKGHY PRIVATE LIMITED had its inception in June 2019 and hence, since then garnered an applaudable traction in the city. The company is currently incubated under ASSAM STARTUP – THE NEST and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park. It is one of the most promising startups established in this decade in Guwahati city and has successfully provided excellent customer service to over a thousand household and commercial establishments. QUICKGHY’s achievements as a company in the span of one year stands as a marker of its promising future, where the company promises of the best hospitality service to its clients and customers. The vision of the company is inclusive of significant perspectives in regards to sustainable development, economic growth and the upliftment of society as QUICKGHY aims to contribute to the overall success of the region.



    • Electrician
    • AC Repair Technician
    • Sales Representative
    • Plumber
    • Make-up Artist
    • Beauty Services
    • Marble & Tiles Polishing
    • Deep Cleaning
    • Sanitization
    • Pest Control