COMPANY NAME   : Sitaram Spinners Pvt. Ltd.
CONTACT PERSON : Vibhor Berwala
CONTACT NUMBER : (+91) 4030498000
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Sitaram Spinners Pvt. Ltd. Is an enterprise of the MS Agarwal conglomerate. For Sitaram Spinners the art of Yarn making has come about as a magnificent observation and the company has been honing its skill to become the perfect yarn artisan which has helped carve a reputation in the making of quality yarn ever since Sitaram Spinners have been in business of yarn making which is over a decade now. We are one of the few quality conscious company's in India manufacturing 100% cotton ring spinning yarn and the mills have the most modern  manufacturing facilities in the world. Today The mills are equipped with  brand new Swiss and German machinery to produce top grade Uster 5% category yarn.

Sitaram Spinners

    • Core spun CSY
    • Slub CSY
    • Dual FX Dual Core
    • Zero Twist Yarn
    • Open End yarn(OE Yarn)
    • Eli Twist
    • 100% single Yarn (Direct exports only)
    • PV CSY  TFO Yarn
    • TFO Yarn


    • Velvety Yarn
    • Melange Yarn
    • Dual Core FX Yarn
    • Functional Yarn