COMPANY NAME   : Swaraj Secutech Pvt. Ltd
CONTACT PERSON : Major Amitava Mittra (Retd.)  |  Mr. Ramesh Sangral
CONTACT NUMBER : +91-7874682796 | +91-8882664055
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Swaraj Secutech Pvt. Ltd is promoted by a team of Security Professionals who believe in “Purna Swaraj “and vouch by their professional competency and integrity. Our vision is “to set up in India, an internationally accredited indigenous manufacturing facility, with a state of the art R&D center and a manufacturing facility, wherein present security needs for anti-intrusion perimeter protection is designed, manufactured and serviced”. Swaraj vision is shared by a self driven team of Armed forces veterans and an equally motivated team of professionals and engineers with a strong focus on R&D and after sales services.

Swaraj Secutech Pvt. Ltd


    To foster its vision, Swaraj Secutech has started manufacturing the following product solutions:

    Facilities with moderate risk of intrusion:

    1. Boom Barrier for Parking management which has variants of 3m,5m ( all aluminum body), 6m and 8m (    Patriot Series)
    2. Ultra Fast Toll Barriers of 3m with a maximum speed of 0.9 seconds and a MTBF of 5 Million    Operations. (Patriot 3T Series)
    3. Stainless Steel Tripods for access control both in semi automatic variants and fully automatic    variants and with a MTBF of 5 Million operations.
    4. Stainless Steel Flap Barriers for heavy duty access control in public utility facilities like train    stations and metros.

    Facilities with high risk of intrusion:

    1. Impact Resistant Crash Rated Bollards (Pneumatic/ Hydraulic) matching the Industry stds of K4,K8 &    K12. (Simon Series)
    2. Impact Resistant Crash Rated Boom Barrier matching the Industry stds of K4 & K8. (Gajraj Series)
    3. Next Generation Tyre Killers for reducing the speed of the intruding vehicle.